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History of Lavender

Delve into the history of Lavender and how it began and learn how

nothing is difficult since the experience is there to make your story as unique as Lavender.

  • Beginnings in nuts

    We began in 2009 as a small shop of finest nuts imported with high standards from abroad, the business was run by Mr.Hossein (the owner) by himself in Wathnan mall located in Muaither. The company was called (Aljufair nuts) until 2011, he decided to produce more of choices about nuts since he became specialized in finest nuts, he begin with nuts covered with chocolate. After that he started to import some of highest qualities of chocolates and then he changed the name to (Lavender chocolate).

  • What is in the name?

    After years of expertise in chocolates and traveling around the world to get the highest and finest chocolates and nuts to Doha, the owner has decided to mix between three items that matching together. His expertise in nuts, chocolates and to start with the flowers. So he chooses the name (Lavender chocolates) which is compaining the two ingredients of happiness! chocolate and flowers. lavender one of the well-known flowers that has been used for decades in perfumes in France and its famous around the world that you can use in everything.

  • Flowers Development stage:

    Development stage in Lavender started from 2011 when the owner decided to change the name and expand more in the shop, the next level that he did, he started to get more deeply in the flowers stage. He was famous that he handles everything by his own. He was traveling around Europe to find the best growers to supply the flowers for him. After 2 years of searching today Lavender is famous that the high quality of flowers you can get is in our shops. Because we are cooperating with one of the best growers in the Netherlands.

  • lavender today:

    The company has continued to grow and expand over the years, today there is 5 branches of Lavender in different large malls in Doha! Tawar, Palms, Ezdan and Wathnan mall. And more over coming in the next years. Today Lavender is one of the largest and famous shops in Doha that still supply three main goods that the owner started with. (Finest covered Nuts with chocolate, Belgium chocolates and flowers). With more than 5,000 loyal customers and direct sale by our website. (


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